Covington (Wash.) seeks partnerships in an effort to bring higher education opportunities to the city

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Someday Covington’s town center could be more than just a place to shop and live, it could be a place to go to school, a place that could fill a higher education gap in southeast King County.

Bringing colleges to Covington is an idea which first came up in 2010. The city worked with MultiCare to develop a plan to bring higher education here with health care as the hook, explained Covington City Manager Derek Matheson. But that concept has broadened considerably since then.

“The short term goal is to bring higher education to Covington and the long term goal is to bring … some type of facility to the town center,” Matheson said. “The idea is that higher education can transform a community the way UW Tacoma transformed downtown Tacoma or the way Green River (Community College) transformed Kent Station.”

Meetings with administrators of Renton Technical College and Green River convened in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Then not much happened, Matheson said, until both schools reached out to the city in 2012.

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