CourseSmart® Innovation Continues With Launch of New Reader

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CourseSmart®, the world's largest provider of eTextbooks and digital course materials, today announced the launch of the New CourseSmart Reader, an enhanced reading platform providing a greater overall user experience, new tools and viewing options. The first of many enhancements planned for 2012, the New CourseSmart Readeris evidence of CourseSmart's commitment to continued innovation, ensuring that students and faculty have access to a superior digital reading experience on any device.

"As an industry innovator, CourseSmart continually strives to provide faculty and students with a superior experience when using eTextbooks and digital course materials," said Sean Devine, CEO at CourseSmart. "The New CourseSmart Reader further exemplifies CourseSmart's commitment to improving learning outcomes and offering unmatched access to the world's largest catalogue of digital course materials on all the most popular devices in use today."

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