Cornerstone University suing federal government over birth control mandate in Affordable Care Act

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Cornerstone University is suing the federal government over a provision of the Affordable Care Act that requires employers with health insurance plans to provide birth control, according to a letter from university President Joseph Stowell.

The Christian liberal arts university already covers some forms of birth control, but Stowell argues it’s unconstitutional to require Cornerstone to provide “access to drugs that can induce abortions.”

"This filing is first and foremost an effort to preserve and protect our religious freedom as guaranteed by the First Amendment,” he wrote. “Given our conviction that life begins at conception and our commitment to the sanctity of life, we find the mandate to provide our faculty, staff and students with insurance that provides access to abortion-inducing prescriptions unacceptable.”

Cornerstone is jointly filing the suite with Dordt College, a Christian liberal arts school in Sioux Center, Iowa. The lawsuit is to be filed in Iowa.

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