Cornell University Graduate School Uses CollegeNET SaaS Technology to Streamline Application Review and Evaluation Process

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CollegeNET, a provider of Web-based on-demand technologies for higher education, has helped Cornell University Graduate School improve efficiencies and cut paper consumption using its Admit online application evaluation system. Admit enables authorized personnel to view applications, read the comments of other reviewers, and record their own comments and scores from anywhere they have internet access. It is part of CollegeNET’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) Intelligent Connections® application processing system.

“Prior to implementing Admit, our process of reviewing admission applications was costly in regards to administrative hours and paper, particularly because of our decentralized admissions structure,” said Jason Kahabka, assistant dean for graduate admissions at Cornell University. “We knew we needed a system that would centralize all information and still be flexible enough to meet the individual needs of our 100 graduate departments. With Admit, we’ve not only gained the flexibility to support different evaluation models, but we’ve also been able to respond to student inquiries more quickly and efficiently.”

The Intelligent Connections® Admit system makes application evaluation easy and efficient by providing convenient 24/7 online accessibility and eliminating paper waste, circulation time and the risk of lost documents. Admit automatically creates applicant pools – routing each application to the appropriate department or group on campus. It enables authorized evaluators to easily locate, view and comment on individual applications – as well as view supporting application materials, such as portfolios and letters of recommendation – using filtered search and other customizing functions. The system integrates fully with the Intelligent Connections Prospect CRM and application processing systems also from CollegeNET.

“In the face of growing administrative costs and application numbers, we’re focused on not only helping schools save time and paper, but also improving the admissions experience for applicants as well as faculty and staff,” said Patricia Summers, vice president of marketing for CollegeNET. “The Admit application evaluation system is just one of our latest SaaS innovations for streamlining the entire admissions and communications process, from initial contact through decision.”

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