Corbett calls education adviser Tomalis 'not a ghost employee'

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Gov. Tom Corbett is standing behind Ron Tomalis, his special adviser on higher education, maintaining that he is not “a ghost employee” and that he is working to the satisfaction of acting state Secretary of Education Carolyn Dumaresq.

“He’s not a ghost employee,” Mr. Corbett told reporters Friday when taking questions during a mid-day event in York. “He works for the secretary of education. He reports to her. She — you’ve seen the quotes, that she sees him right down the hall. He’s been doing the work. She’s satisfied with it. I’m satisfied with it.”

Mr. Tomalis has been the governor’s special adviser on higher education since June 2013 after leaving the position of state secretary of education. He kept his Cabinet-level salary of $139,542 when he took the new position but questions have arisen in the past week about how much time he was required by the governor’s office to put into his adviser’s job.

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