Construction Season Starting at MSU

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Major upgrades are planned for Michigan State University. Among the construction projects, a new 130,000 square feet Bio-Engineering research facility.

"A portion of it is funded by the state of Michigan and so we are waiting legislative approval. We're hoping we'll get that in May," said Dan Bollman, the Director of Engineering and Architectural Services at Michigan State University.

The new Bio-Engineering building will be four stories, but only the first two will be completely finished inside and out. The third and fourth floors will remain a shell. Construction will take about two years.

"What this is going to do is cutting edge cross-disciplinary research between a number of different colleges on campus," said Bollman.

It's a joint effort by the Engineering, Human Medicine and Natural Science colleges. The new building will connect with other existing buildings to form a science complex.

Across campus more projects are slated.

Morrill Hall is over 100 years old. The university plans to tear it down and in its place put green space--that includes grass, trees, sidewalks, and possibly a plaza to commemorate the site.

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