Conn College Presidents Get $25G Perk

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At three of the four Connecticut State University campuses, the president receives an extra $25,000 each year to spend without having to provide any documentation, according to university documents obtained by The Associated Press.

The fourth president receives $35,000 a year for her housing costs in lieu of the "unvouchered accommodation accounts," according to human resources policies that spell out all the compensation and benefits for the four presidents.

The policies, obtained by the AP through public records requests, provide a host of other benefits to the presidents, including state-owned cars, paid sabbatical leaves, special payments based on years of service and bonuses linked to job evaluations. Those perks are in addition to their $290,000-plus salaries, paid vacation and sick days and other benefits.

University presidents across the country receive similar compensation benefits, but some Connecticut lawmakers are questioning whether taxpayer money should be used for such perks with the state facing a $365 million deficit this fiscal year and projected $1 billion deficits in each of the next four years.

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