Conn. Board of Regents To Consider Tuition Increases Thursday

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The Board of Regents for Higher Education will consider recommended increases in tuition and fees of about 3.8 percent for the four state universities and 3.1 percent for the community colleges.

That means in-state commuter students attending any of the four state universities — Central, Southern, Western or Eastern — would pay 3.8 percent more in tuition and fees for next year or an additional $315. In-state residential students at the four universities would pay 3.7 percent more or $676.

Community college students would pay 3.1 percent more in tuition and fees or an additional $108.

The increases are less that the 6 percent increase approved in December by the University of Connecticut Board of Trustees, but greater than the tuition increases approved for the fall of 2010. Last year, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy asked the state university and college leaders not to exceed an increase of 2.5 percent because of the poor economy.

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