Concussion issue hits family's heart

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After all her son has been through, Tammy Plevretes thought the NCAA was getting serious about curtailing head injuries. Then she heard about a lawsuit filed last week. It made her wonder how soon another player will end up like her Preston Plevretes.

"Here we are, trying so hard to get awareness out there. Look at my son's life," Tammy said. "It's over."

Not literally. But the vivacious teenager they sent off to La Salle disappeared forever on a punt return in 2005. Preston almost died after suffering a concussion in a game against Duquesne (the hit is at 3:35 of the video).

His story was supposedly a major wakeup call to college athletics. The Plevretes family sued La Salle for negligence. Within weeks of accepting a $7.5 million settlement, an NCAA committee recommended national guidelines for treating concussed athletes. That was in 2009. Four years later, the NCAA is still asleep.

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