Concordia President Joins Call For Gun Control

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Concordia College President William Craft and more than 300 other campus leaders from across the country have signed an online letter calling on Congress to take action on gun control.

The letter, organized by leaders of Oglethorpe University and Agnes Scott College in Georgia, was posted online Dec. 19, just five days after the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings in Newtown, Conn., that left 28 people dead.

“For many years now, our nation’s leaders have engaged in fevered debates on higher education, yet lawmakers shy away from taking action on one issue that prevents thousands of young people from living lives of promise, let alone realizing their college dreams,” the letter said. “That issue is gun safety.”

Craft, one of five private college presidents in Minnesota to sign on, said in an email statement Monday that the letter “appropriately conveys the urgency of this issue.”

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