Community Leaders: Muskegon Community College Should Push Forward With Expansion

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Muskegon-area leaders were consulted. Funding options were discussed. The community and economic impact were considered.

After a series of meetings last year, a Muskegon Community College committee examining how the college should expand now has a recommendation for MCC's board of trustees: go for it, in a big way.

The committee — consisting of MCC officials and community leaders ranging from Muskegon County Administrator Bonnie Hammersley to Paul Billings, president of the radio station 103.7 The Beat — is recommending that the college pursue all three, and not just one, of its proposed capital improvement projects: a science addition, a health education addition, and a creative and performing arts facility, possibly in downtown Muskegon.

“MCC should go big,” Judy Hayner, executive director of the Muskegon Museum of Art, said at one of the committee’s meetings. “MCC has a compelling case for all three areas, and the community might get excited about the fact the college is getting very dynamic and has a real vision.”

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