Column: Higher Education Crises And How To Beat Them

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There is much talk about the skyrocketing rise in college tuition. For most people, there is a real fear that a four-year degree has become unaffordable.

This cost issue is a serious problem, but it is not the only challenge in higher education. The whole sector is facing increased scrutiny on a variety of fronts.

Concern about the performance of higher education is no longer limited to policymakers and researchers. It is widespread, and for good reason: The failures of our colleges and universities are reflected in our economy, our social stability and our quest for an equitable society.

In a recent poll by Time magazine and the Carnegie Corp., 89% of U.S. adults say higher education is in crisis; 54% say it is moving in the wrong direction; 96% of senior higher education administrators say their sector is in crisis; 40% say that crisis is "severe."

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