Colorado Community College System Will Deploy SunGard Higher Education Course Signals to Help Improve Retention and Student Success

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The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) will implement SunGard Higher Education’s Course Signals early intervention system at its 13 colleges and online consortium. The system helps improve student performance by alerting at-risk students early in their courses to take corrective actions, and encouraging them to be active participants in their academic success.

Course Signals is able to warn students as early as the second week of the term that they are at risk of failing or withdrawing from a course. It also helps facilitate faculty and staff intervention to support the student.

Course Signals combines data already available within campus systems (including student information systems, learning management systems and gradebooks) to determine whether a student is at risk of underperforming. A red, yellow, or green signal is displayed to students within the institution’s learning management system, via email, and within SunGard Higher Education DegreeWorks (a degree audit solution). Along with the signal, students receive recommendations from faculty for course materials and support resources to help them improve their performance. Advisors also can view students’ signals across all their in-progress courses, filter by criteria such as major or GPA, and communicate with at-risk students. Course Signals is built upon a predictive model developed by John Campbell, Ph.D, associate vice president, academic technologies, at Purdue University.

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