CollegeWeekLive Now Connects Students and Colleges Live Online, Every Day

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While the largest segment of college admissions inquiries is initiated online, most colleges spend less than the cost of one traveling admissions representative online. Despite $300,000 to $3 million spent annually on staff and travel to high schools, colleges reach just 10% of high schools and reach an even smaller fraction of college-bound students through visits to high schools. Sending admissions staff to visit high schools is expensive and time consuming, and is not effective in a wired world.
What’s more, high schools may feel that college admission visits disrupt class schedules and create a scheduling burden for guidance staff that is overworked and undermanned. High school counselors argue that students connect to a mere handful of colleges through these visits, when they should be considering a wider range of higher education possibilities.
CollegeWeekLive offers instant gratification in an AlwaysON world. Colleges can now engage with students actively researching their school and answer admissions questions easily and personally online. Colleges can now build a connection with prospective students at every step of the admissions process via CollegeWeekLive, from initial awareness to evaluation, to application and final enrollment.
With CollegeWeekLive AlwaysON, any of the 20,000 high schools in the CollegeWeekLive Counselor Network™ may request online visits with colleges that their students have expressed interest in, eliminating the need for onsite visits. Counselors will now be notified of which colleges are available at CollegeWeekLive each week, and if a member college isn’t available, counselors can request an online visit.

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