Colleges work to open roads for girls to study engineering

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There were 13,354 bachelor's degrees in engineering awarded to women last year -- less than one-fourth the 57,501 degrees earned by men, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. The Virginia-based educational research group uses college enrollment data from more than 3,500 postsecondary institutions, tracking 98 percent of the college students in the nation.

"We are not doing enough," said Nada Marie Anid, dean of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences at NYIT. "When you look at the boom in Silicon Valley and now here in the New York region, we aren't even making a dent in technology."

Women gravitate to the life sciences or environment and biomedical engineering, Anid said. What Long Island needs are more programs and scholarships targeting young girls that will help boost enrollment in mechanical, electrical and computer engineering degrees, she said.

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