Colleges Rated As Investment Returns: University Of Montevallo Near Bottom, Other Alabama Schools Do Better

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The University of Montevallo argues that a study that ranked them near the bottom of the return students receive on their education investments is flawed.

"We really pride ourselves as being one of the best values in the state of Alabama as far as a college education," said James M. Bessette, director of University Relations.

Bessette questioned how the calculations used to develop students' costs was arrived at because the costs seemed to be "off quite a bit."

Montevallo ranked 1,239 for students who pay its out-of-state tuition and 1,236 for students who pay its in-state tuition. Both of those rankings are in the bottom 20 of the 1,248 rankings on the PayScale list.PayScale, an online company that tracks workforce compensation data, looked at more than 850 U.S. colleges, comparing what students pay on in-state and out-of-state tuition to what they made in lifetime earnings.

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