Colleges profit from Jell-O shots

Stefanie Botelho's picture

This weekend, the asphalt oceans outside America’s college football stadiums swelled once again with eager drunks chugging one last Solo cup before stumbling through the turnstiles. With NCAA football’s return, students can resume the time-honored tradition of tailgating so hard they puke on their shoes. And, thanks to Kraft Foods, that puke will have more Jell-O in it than ever this year.

After launching four university-themed Jell-O molds last year to great success, Kraft announced it would be adding 16 more universities to its data-tested “optimal portfolio” of officially branded shot kits this month. An otherwise innocuous snacking accessory, Jell-O molds lose their innocence the second the target customer goes from toddler to tailgater. There are few harder partying crowds than collegiate pre-gamers. For them, these university-sanctioned molds serve a single, fruit-flavored purpose—as a conduit for alcohol. Even Kraft acknowledges it.

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