Colleges mixed on Obama idea to grade them

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Each school day Sarah Krouse, a college senior, drives from Ohio to attend classes at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, a routine she’s kept for the last two years.

Keenly aware of college costs, Krouse spent her freshman and sophomore years close to home at a more affordable community college near Bryan, Ohio, to save money. Her parents, with whom she lives, help with gas money.

“It’s a bit of a commute but it works out for me, because I’d rather not have that extra debt of living on campus, because it is kind of pricey here,” she said.

A federal plan to help keep costs down was recently announced by President Barack Obama. For their part, colleges agree that it is their responsibility to provide affordable education and be accountable for the federal dollars they spend.

But when it comes to measuring that accountability, as Obama wishes, “The devil is going to be in the details,” said Mark Land, spokesman for Indiana University.

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