Collegefeed announces $1.8 Million seed funding

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Collegefeed today announced that it has secured $1.8 million in seed funding led by Accel Partners, investor Mark Stevens of S-Cubed Capital and key Silicon Valley angels. Launched nationwide in May 2013, Collegefeed is a personal career assistant that helps students and new grads land their dream jobs using its free online platform. Employers use Collegefeed to brand themselves more effectively to students and find the perfect candidate for entry-level positions. Sign up today at

“Since launching Collegefeed in May, we’ve seen overwhelming traction from thousands of job-seekers and employers,” said Sanjeev Agrawal, CEO and co-founder of Collegefeed. “This investment from Accel Partners and Mark Stevens is further validation that Collegefeed is offering a unique and valuable service to the market. Thanks to their support, we’re thrilled to be able to offer our users and employers many exciting new features and functionality in the coming months.” 

Collegefeed wants to make it dead simple for new grads to start their careers, by bringing all the needed resources together for them in a single platform. Collegefeed works behind the scenes to offer personalized career recommendations. It analyzes a job-seeker’s resume, interests and skills and then automatically connects them to the perfect employers.

“Collegefeed is solving a critical problem for students and employers alike – how to connect new grads with the right employer fast,” said Dinesh Katiyar, partner at Accel Partners India. “Collegefeed has put a magnifying glass to the problem and created a smart, modern solution for achieving this. Its platform lets technology do the heavy lifting, so that users can focus on making connections that will kick-start their careers.”

“With staggering student loan debt and so many new grads failing to find work, the job-search market is ripe for innovation,” said Mark Stevens, managing partner at S-Cubed Capital. “This is a process that hasn’t changed much in 20 years, despite the advent of social media and other real-time technologies. We see a big opportunity here – and with Collegefeed’s deep roots in education and emerging technology, I can think of no one more qualified for the job.”

How it Works: Students, Employers

With Collegefeed, new grads create short profiles to quickly showcase their skills and qualifications in a way that makes them stand out to employers. It’s the only social platform that helps first-time job-seekers land their dream job – by discovering new companies, jobs and internships, networking with leading employers and alums, sharing interview secrets, and winning financial awards from sponsoring companies. Users get a custom news feed that displays updates on preferred employers – making it effortless to stay up-to-date. They can also discover new companies they might like with the new cCORE, a Netflix-like recommendation tool.

Companies use Collegefeed to find the right candidates without spending the time and resources needed to canvass dozens of campuses. With Collegefeed, companies get a branded presence to help increase mindshare with students, to reach more campuses and showcase alumni, and to select specific students they want to interview or hire. Students have already made connections, secured interviews, jobs, internships and financial awards with companies like YouTube, eBay, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Saavn, Adroll and many more.

Pricing and Availability

Students and job-seekers can create a profile for free at Employers interesting in signing up can learn more at

About Collegefeed

Collegefeed was started by a team of six ex-Google / Microsoft / McKinsey alumni who graduated from six schools with ten degrees between them. Collegefeed is headquartered in Mountain View, California. More information about the company can be found at Employers, students, placement offices and other partners contact