College of Westchester Delivers KPI Dashboards to Cabinet Members with the Rapid Insight Analytic Suite

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Conway, NH March 14, 2013 – Rapid Insight Inc., the market leader in easy-to-use business intelligence and predictive analytics software, today announced that The College of Westchester has expanded its usage with the purchase of Veera.

The software will play a critical role in enabling the College of Westchester Cabinet Members to monitor success by creating key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards.

A longtime user of Rapid Insight Analytics for predictive modeling, Michael Sandick, VP of Student Affairs and Institutional Research, turned to Rapid Insight Veera to quickly create KPI dashboards to be used by the College’s Cabinet Members to assess performance and guide decision making.

“The College of Westchester focuses on their students and their careers. It is critical that we monitor our effectiveness and the success of our students both during their time here and in their subsequent employment,” Sandick offered.

“In addition to being able to create the KPI dashboards in a matter of hours, I’ve been able to quickly generate sophisticated analytic reports that used to take days or weeks to prepare.” Veera is a new breed of analytic software developed by Rapid Insight. Using the concept of ETA (Extract, Transform, Analyze), the technology enables both business analysts and non-technical users to quickly turn complex data into actionable information without having to write code. Users can develop their own reports, dashboards, analytic datasets, and ad hoc analyses by pointing Veera directly at databases, text files, spreadsheets or other file structures.

Rapid Insight is committed to providing affordable and easy to use tools that make it more efficient for colleges and universities to build predictive models and create ad-hoc reports, dashboards and analyses.

Its customers have consistently reaped the benefits of greater analytic power without any dependence on complex coding or programming.

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