College Students Raise $375K for Boston Charity

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Within hours of last Monday's Boston Marathon bombing, a pair of college students had already scraped together a plan to raise money for victims and their families.

Nick Reynolds and Chris Dobens, from Emerson College in Boston, contacted Milwaukee-based design company Ink to the People on Monday night with hopes to design and distribute T-shirts that read "Boston Strong," and donate all collected proceeds to One Fund Boston, a charity organized to help those most affected by the attack. Despite an initial goal of $1,500, the two raised more than $375,000 for the charity in seven days.

"The whole thing kind of seems like a fairytale," Jay Berman, co-founder of Ink to the People, told Mashable. "It's really amazing what these two kids did from just a laptop in their dorm room; above anything, it really shows the power of social media."

Ink to the People, as Berman describes it, is a screen printer startup that allows designers to submit an idea for a T-shirt and market it through social media. The shirts are only printed once they're sold, and the labor costs for production — printing, distributing — are deducted from the sales cost.

In this case, Reynolds and Dobens set the T-shirt price at $20, a quarter of which was taken for production costs. The remaining $15 per shirt was donated directly to One Fund. On their product page, Reynolds and Dobens mention the company donated the production prices for the first 1,500 shirts sold.

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