College Showing Off Green Building

Ann McClure's picture

North Shore Community College is celebrating the completion of a $31 million building project that puts it on the cutting edge of the green building movement.

Last week, state and college officials gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Health Professions & Student Services Building, a 58,000-square-foot structure on North Shore’s Danvers campus.

In addition to providing the college with much needed space for its growing student population, the new facility has the distinction of being the first state-owned “zero net energy’’ building in Massachusetts, a term used for buildings that generate through clean, renewable sources at least as much energy as they consume. It is also the second largest publicly owned zero net energy building in the state.

The building gains that status because of the solar electric panels installed on its main roof and walkway canopies, along with its many other energy-saving features. Those range from the green roof garden and the geothermal wells in the parking lot, which both contribute to heating and cooling, and a design that maximizes use of sunlight to limit lighting needs.

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