College roommate troubles solved by roommate apps

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Rolling Stone got it right in August 28 issue featuring “The New Science of Pairing Roommates.” The article states, “For decades, universities believed that acclimating to the quirks of a complete stranger was an essential part of college.” In other words, laziness and lack of dedication to student living as a part of a quality learning atmosphere meant many students suffered with poorly chosen roommates. Resident Advisors seemed to be on scene only to tell students to try to work it out.

Now, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are several apps for that. In 2009, Robert Castellucci created RoomSync after working on pairing college roommates. He said, “We’d get 30, 40, 50 calls a days asking for a new roommate based on their Facebook profile.” Sounds like what many young people experience with employers checking out their Facebook page prior to hiring them.

RoommateFit’s creator, Justin Mares, suffered under a bizarre roommate experience his freshman year at University of Pittsburgh, where he was paired with a student who spoke to his girlfriend in baby talk, hardly ever left the room, slept strange hours, and covered his body in anti-itch power – in the room, leaving tons of it on the floor.

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