College Recruiters Benefit from Customized Social Network that Connects with TargetX's CRM System

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College admissions offices are proving that social networking in the workplace can be good for the bottom line. As long as workers are using "Chatter," a kind of Facebook for employees that provides real-time communication, collaboration and document sharing. The Chatter social network is bundled for free with the Student Recruitment Manager (SRM), a cloud-based CRM system provided by TargetX.

TargetX built the SRM in 2008 on the popular platform of, the worldwide leader in customer relationship management and a pioneer in cloud computing. Not only does Chatter offer admissions professionals a powerful and secure means of staying in touch and sharing information with their colleagues, it also ties into the SRM. As a result, users can easily include reports, dashboards, campaigns and other information from the CRM system in their Chatter posts.

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