College Presidents Urge Increase in Student Fees

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As students wrap up one semester, the specter of increased fees looms large for the next. This week, university system presidents floated a plan to charge students a so-called "stabilization fee" of up to $25 a credit hour to offset expected state budget cuts.

University of New Orleans President Peter Fos said he has no choice but to increase the financial burden on students and parents.

"Every dollar that the state doesn't give me, I have raise on my own," said Fos. "To maintain the university, I need the budget I have now, plus more."

Southern University at New Orleans Chancellor Victor Ukpolo said his campus can't continue to sustain body blows from Baton Rouge.

"Nobody wants to increase the price of education, particularly my students," said Ukpolo. "Many of my students are first generation students, they come from an economically challenged home."

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