This college president just might be the next Sheryl Sandberg

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Debora Spar knows what it's like to try to "have it all." The Barnard College president and former Harvard Business School professor has juggled a demanding career, cared for her husband and three children, and now written a highly-anticipated book,"Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection.” And she knows that the pressure to be perfect can be incredibly damaging to women.

"Women in particular feel if I didn’t become the top C.E.O. or perfect mother, I’ve somehow blown it," Spar recently told the New York Times.

Spar argues that feminism has been misinterpreted by a younger generation, and that today's "wonder woman" has taken the fight of previous generations to mean that she must do everything, and do it well. But instead of continuing to lean in to their lives and careers -- trying to have it all and do everything perfectly -- Spar calls for women to release themselves from the stress and dissatisfaction that come from following the myth of perfection.

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