College Degree 'Most Important Investment' Students, Parents Can Make

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The need for more people to complete college degrees as a means to create needed talent for Michigan’s future is being discussed widely across the spectrum of employers and government.

The conversation is controversial for some, as they consider the rising cost of attending college and conclude that a college degree may not be the good personal investment it once was.

Those of us in higher education always welcome constructive review, but it’s important to correct the misunderstanding that a college degree isn’t worth the time and money invested. Current job requirements and opportunities are changing fast.

So, training new talent for both today’s employment needs and those of the future is important. Preparation specifically for current jobs is needed as well as the development of employees with “transferable abilities" -- those abilities that can apply to any endeavor and build the state’s talent pool to meet whatever employer needs that changes in the future may bring.

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