College costs have some graduating early

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Taylor Berge didn’t walk into college planning to graduate early.

But going through her four-year plan with her guidance counselor, the Johnsburg High School grad realized it was a possibility.

“I looked at it as I can spread everything out and take four years of school and pay for all of that and have a short-term summer job, which barely gets you everything, or I can cram it all into one and I’ll have the loans, but once I get my actual job, it will be a lot easier to pay it off quicker,” Berge said. “I just prioritized that way instead.”

While the decision means the 21-year-old is missing out on what would have been her senior year – she plans on visiting her friends often – it also means she can start graduate school at Elmhurst College a year sooner to get her master’s degree in psychology.

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