College Costs: $10,000 Degree Sounds Good, But, Really, It’s Not So Simple (Opinion)

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry has renewed his call for the state’s universities to offer bachelor’s degrees, or at least some of them, for a flat $10,000 — and he wants the Legislature to put that in a form that will carry some teeth in the world of higher education.

Last week, he was out pitching that and his other ideas for making tuition more affordable. Those include freezing tuition rates for four years for incoming freshmen, providing more information regarding tuition, and linking 10 percent of a university’s state funding to graduation rates and other performance measures rather than enrollment.

We couldn’t agree more that the cost of a college education is too high. Tuition and fees have increased 55 percent since the 2003 Legislature deregulated tuition rates, a Dallas Morning News analysis found last month.

As costs have continued to increase, we have managed to price more people who want a college education right out of the ability to get it.

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