College of Central Florida Wins Dual Enrollment Grant

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The College of Central Florida is the winner of a new Florida Department of Education grant that promotes student success in dual-enrollment courses across the state.

FDOE issued the $100,000 Florida College System (FCS) Dual Enrollment Toolkit Grant to help students succeed in higher-education courses. Dual enrollment enables high school students to take college courses and receive credit prior to graduation through offerings at the high school or on college campuses.

“Florida’s K-20 education system is a model for the nation,” said Public Schools Chancellor Pam Stewart. “Our dual-enrollment programs allow high school students to obtain college credit prior to graduation. Serving our students through dual enrollment is a testament to the strength of Florida’s seamless education system.”

There are 28 FCS institutions and each has dual-enrollment programs that catered to more than 50,000 students last year. The FCS is Florida’s top servicer for dual enrollment. FCS is also important for immediate graduates, as it takes in 66 percent of Florida’s high school graduates who pursue higher education. It is also vital to minority students.

The grant will allow these institutions to use the Florida Dual Enrollment Springboard. The College of Central Florida will develop the mechanism in collaboration with the Florida Department of Education, Florida colleges and school districts. Available this year, it will include a website, professional development tutorials and a student success kit.

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