College Board Creates Guide To Help Undocumented Students

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For high school students who are also undocumented immigrants, the path to a college education is one that is often fraught with anxiety, confusion and frustration.

In Florida and most other states, undocumented students must pay much-higher out-of-state tuition to attend college, and certain key sources of financial aid, such as federal Pell Grants, are off-limits. Proposed federal legislation — known as the DREAM Act — that would offer in-state tuition and other benefits to these students has been stalled in Congress for years.

The College Board, meanwhile, has been a staunch supporter of the DREAM Act. Though the College Board can’t compel Congress to do anything legislatively, the organization on Thursday released a resource guide for undocumented students that it hopes will help them navigate the confusing array of state laws and institutional rules that are now in place.

“We see this as a first step,” said James Montoya, vice president of relationship development at The College Board, which is hosting a three-day conference in Miami this week to focus on issues and obstacles facing Hispanic students.

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