College athletes not immune to student debt dilemma

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There is no doubting the existence of a student debt dilemma in the United States. It is estimated that the average 2013 graduate who took out student loans has a burden of roughly $31,000 to pay back before being absolved from such debt. Add $2,000 to that figure for the estimate related to 2014 graduates. It is a crisis confronting students across the board, including college athletes who may not be as fortunate as some of their colleagues on the court or field of play.

Some college athletes receive partial or full scholarships to participate in college athletics. Non-scholarship athletes are largely in the same boat as students who are not fortunate enough to obtain need-based relief or a scholarship based on merit. They may leave school saddled in debt and, with professional sports likely not a real option, be forced to find jobs that will not only allow them to survive, but also pay off the interest on their loans.

Even those athletes who do receive some form of scholarship often find the need to obtain additional funds.

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