Cogswell College Appoints Snyder as Chief Academic Officer & Provost

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Cogswell College, a regionally-accredited institutions offering a unique curriculum that fuses digital arts, engineering and entrepreneurship, today announced the appointment of Dr. Deborah Snyder as chief academic officer and provost. In her new role, Dr. Snyder will oversee growth, planning and development in all of the school's educational programs.

"Dr. Snyder has a great depth of knowledge in the industry," says Janis Paulson, interim chief executive officer for Cogswell College. "She has a long history of higher education experience and was a pioneer in the adoption of online platforms in learning. Her impressive track record and proven strategic know-how make her a formidable asset to the college."

Previously, Dr. Snyder served as senior vice provost for academic programs at Strayer University in Washington, D.C., and she is the author of The New Traditionals and e-Marketing Basics. The New Traditionals examines adult learners—those 25 and over—who comprise the majority of enrollees in higher education. She has been published in numerous education and marketing journals and has presented at several high-profile conferences.

"When I first visited Cogswell, I was so impressed by what the students were learning," explains Dr. Snyder. "It's truly a creative and innovative environment for students and faculty. Cogswell's students are diverse and talented, making programs like our award-winning Project X, and others, possible."

"I look forward to being part of the Cogswell academic team that will continue Cogswell's growth trajectory while maintaining the high quality and innovative education its students have come to expect," says Dr. Snyder. "Although higher education may be experiencing significant changes these days due to new and disruptive technologies, Cogswell students and faculty seem to be comfortable working in the fast-paced world of constantly changing technology, which is so much a part of the Silicon Valley culture."

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