Cloud-Based HD Video Communication

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Auralink provides superior quality, highly reliable video communication over any internet connection. With Auralink, you can connect securely with anyone, anywhere via video - from your desktop, laptop, mobile device or room-based conferencing system. Backed by 24/5 US-based live technical support, Auralink’s cloud-based platform allows you to effortlessly conduct face-to-face meetings on a cutting edge platform that eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure.

Cost Effective Video for Your Organization

Auralink’s easy to use state-of-the-art technology will empower your organization to respond faster than your competition, accelerate decision making, improve customer focus and reduce the expense, time and stress of travel. Our HD video provides a life-like experience, giving you the same advantages as an in person meeting over a web-based platform. Video communication will dramatically improve the way you work, increase efficiency and significantly reduce expenses. Auralink provides:

Superior Quality: Offering superior quality and high reliability, Auralink is built on multi-award winning H.264 SVC technology, the highest quality HD video available over the internet.

Low Up Front Investment: Auralink’s cloud-based technology eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure and dedicated networks, providing an affordable solution that requires zero ongoing maintenance expense.

Dedicated Live Support: A US-based support team is available 24/5 to immediately solve any issues, reducing the strain on internal technical resources.

Limitless Connectivity: Auralink allows you to connect from wherever you are, from any internet connection.

Real-Time Collaboration: With Auralink, you can connect in real-time with remote participants, displaying up to 9 locations simultaneously and conducting multi-point calls with as many as 50 participants.

Enhanced Communications: Video enhances communications, allowing you to see who you are speaking with and share visual information such as Power Point presentations, spreadsheets and other materials.

Improved Return on Investment: Auralink reduces travel costs and decreases training expenses, enhancing environmental responsibility and cost savings.

Secure Connection: Completely secure and HIPAA compliant, Auralink applies 128k SSL encryption to all calls.

Current Technology: Unlike traditional room-based video conferencing systems that need to be replaced after a few years, Auralink is regularly maintained and upgraded to the latest technology so you will always be making calls on a cutting edge platform.

Customer Branding: With our unique software platform, you can brand our technology as part of your services.

Recording/Streaming Capabilities: All video meetings can be recorded or streamed live for viewing by multiple participants. For more information visit