Clarkson University partnering with Sierra College

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Entrepreneurs and budding professionals in Placer County have another way to get the expertise to expand their horizons, with a new partnership being announced this week between Sierra College and New York state-based Clarkson University.

In the new arrangement, Sierra students can get entry into upper-division classes with Clarkson, which specializes in technology research and connecting it to economic development.

Clarkson, in turn, emphasizes both internships with existing companies and helping students start their own firms with a technology component. Kelly Chezum, vice president of external relations with Clarkson, said the university and Sierra will develop a “2-2-2” program where students would spend two years at Sierra, two years at Clarkson’s campus in Potsdam getting degrees in business or engineering, and finish with two years in graduate-level online courses developed by Clarkson. Internships would also be part of the program.

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