City College of SF Students, Faculty Want More Input

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While City College of San Francisco administrators scramble to stave off bankruptcy and save the school's accreditation, they are being pressured by a group of students and faculty members who want a bigger say in deciding whether to reduce class offerings, lay off staffers or eliminate some academic programs entirely.

A group calling itself the Save CCSF Coalition organized a protest that disrupted a City College Board of Trustees meeting Sept. 11 at which administrators were set to discuss appointing a special trustee to oversee the college's finances. The 50 or so protesters opposed the idea, feeling that a special trustee would be likely to ignore student, faculty and staff concerns.

On Monday, the trustees submitted their final plan for rescuing the college to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. However, the coalition has taken issue with how the college plans to respond to several of the 14 recommendations from the accrediting team, primarily because it does not believe students or faculty members were given enough chance to shape the proposals.

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