Christian Coalition Offers Community College Books on Christianity

Lynn Russo Whylly's picture

In a follow-up to his earlier opposition to a federal grant providing materials on Muslim culture to Craven Community College, U.S. Rep. Walter Jones, R-Farmville, has secured a commitment from the Craven-Pamlico Christian Coalition to donate materials on Christianity.

The topic will be discussed Monday at the coalition’s monthly meeting at the Golden Corral in New Bern.

“The Craven-Pamlico Christian Coalition would be pleased to provide a series of materials about the history of Christianity to the Craven Community College,” said Jerry Schill, co-chairman of the two-county coalition. “However, in light of the government’s role in keeping God out of the public square and the obstacles that Christians face when it comes to prayer and the ability to publicly proclaim our faith, it just seems more than odd that the federal government will provide a package of ‘Muslim Journeys’ to a number of colleges nationwide. It’s even more perplexing knowing the fiscal problems facing our nation.”

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