China Beckons For Five Miami-Date College Students

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After competing in a worldwide scholarship competition, six students from Miami-Dade College have received scholarships to study abroad in China for the school year.

And while one student had to bow out due to illness, the other five are studying at Xuzhou Normal University, in Xuzhou City, Miami-Dade’s sister city that’s about nine hours south of Beijing.

“China is wonderful, almost every night there are fireworks that we can see from our dorm balconies,” said Nicolas Gallo, one of the students. “Some people may stare at us like we are aliens from another planet, but they are nice all the same. China can be a little dirty, but it adds to its charm."

The students’ journey began at the Confucius Institute at Miami-Dade College. Confucius Institutes have locations worldwide and are non-profit organizations that promote Chinese language and culture. Miami-Dade College houses the only one in South Florida.

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