Chestnut Hill Professor Kills Self During Class

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A Chestnut Hill College professor did the unthinkable Wednesday afternoon during math class.

Rudolf Alexandrov, 71, an adjunct professor, became agitated and quickly walked out of the classroom inside St. Joseph's Hall, according to sources familiar with the incident. He returned briefly, then yelled some words and ran to the second-floor railing overlooking the veranda inside the hall.

When concerned colleagues summoned campus security, Alexandrov, who had been standing on a ledge next to the railing, dove head-first over the railing, said Lt. Robert Zaffino, with Northwest Detectives. The fall to the marble floor is about 20 to 30 feet, he said.

The horrific act reportedly took place in front of his students and wife Olga Alexandrov, 56, also an adjunct professor at Chestnut Hill, according to sources.

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