Champlain College President David F. Finney to Step Down in June 2014

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Champlain College President David F. Finney announced today he will retire next year. Finney, who has served as president for eight years, will retire on June 30, 2014.

In announcing his plans to retire, Finney, 60, expressed his confidence in Champlain’s ability to remain a leader in higher education and continue building on its unique academic experience.

In addressing the College community Finney said, “Through you, I believe we offer the most complete academic experience available today in higher education. The combination of a focused professional major combined with a rigorous interdisciplinary liberal arts core along with education in specific life skills areas is unique.”

“Champlain has always emphasized giving its students the knowledge, tools and resources to thrive not just in their first job after graduation, but throughout their careers and lives,” Finney said. “Our faculty and staff are professionals who remained committed to excellence in the face of dramatic challenges facing higher education, and so I would expect the Champlain philosophy to grow and flourish with the next president.”

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