Chadima Investigation: U Of Wisconsin's Lack Of Off-Campus Alcohol Policy May Be Revisited

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UW-Madison has no comprehensive policy governing the presence of alcohol at university events off-campus, an omission revealed Tuesday night with the release of a report that found a former senior UW athletic official had supplied alcohol to students — some under the legal drinking age of 21 — at a Rose Bowl party.

The report released Tuesday night said John Chadima resigned this month after a student employee accused him of sexual assault at an alcohol-fueled party in Chadima's hotel room.

The report's authors, a four-person independent panel, recommended that the university review its guidelines on alcohol at off-campus events and consider whether or not rules should be developed.

"We believe there is reason to question the appropriateness of the sort of unregulated service of alcohol to students as well as the practice of a professional staff member drinking with the students at university events," the panel wrote.

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