Cengage Learning and Panopto Partner to Deliver Lecture Capture Software

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Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions, and Panopto Inc., an award-winning lecture capture and video management software company, announced a strategic partnership to integrate Panopto's leading lecture capture platform into Cengage Learning's MindTap, a first-of-its-kind Personal Learning Experience designed to engage students and improve learning outcomes.  Through the partnership, Panopto's features will be presented within the MindTap solution, offering professors and students the ability to blend the classroom with world class content, all easily accessible from the MindTap interface.

Panopto's easy-to-use technology enables educators and students to record, organize and share lectures, lessons, field-based learning and skills labs. Using Panopto, faculty have the ability to record a complete set of lectures or lessons on a series of difficult concepts or skills.  Students can use Panopto's search engine to find the exact concepts they need to review, and can add time-stamped, searchable notes across their full course library of presentations.

Using MindTap's browser-based delivery, students can review complex material multiple times and on multiple devices — allowing students to have added control over their learning experience.  Students at institutions subscribing to Panopto service will be able to access Panopto via the MindTap interface using single sign-on integration. The application will be available for all of MindTap's student products.

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