CDW announces “Total Mobility Management” to help mid-size organizations simplify the mobility maze

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CDW, a leading provider of technology products and services to business, government, education and healthcare, today announced the availability of CDW Total Mobility Management, a comprehensive portfolio of expertise, services and solutions to support IT departments as they plan, deploy and manage mobile technology.  CDW Total Mobility Management simplifies day-to-day and long-term management of devices, apps and data – whether an organization’s program includes employer-owned or employee-owned mobile devices or both – integrating mobile technologies across IT networks and operations. 

“Mobile devices are changing the way organizations operate faster than any technology in memory, and our customers have told us how challenging it is to manage and integrate mobility within their IT networks,” said Andrea Bradshaw, CDW’s general manager of mobility solutions.  “The expanded capabilities of CDW Total Mobility Management are a direct response to that kind of feedback.”

In a study to be released soon, CDW research found that, when asked to grade the mobility policies and support where they work, 56 percent of employees using personal mobile devices for work gave their employers a C or less – and over one-third of IT professionals directly involved in managing mobility for their organizations agreed with that assessment.  CDW Total Mobility Management, including services integrated through a customizable Mobility Management Portal, supports customers from the network infrastructure through to each mobile device and addresses the five critical components of mobile adoption:

  1. Planning:  Development of the customer’s mobile strategy and road map, data and device policies, security and network integration
  2. Enabling:  Procurement, provisioning and deployment of devices as well as support for BYOD programs, integrated through one screen using CDW’s Mobility Management Portal, tailored to each customer
  3. Protecting:  Integrated security and real-time centralized management of mobile devices, applications and content, plus real-time monitoring and expense management through the customized Mobility Management Portal
  4. Supporting:  Live and self-service help desk services for end users, as well as mobile device management administration, via the customized Mobility Management Portal
  5. Empowering:  Revolutionizing the way employees work day-to-day through custom app development, self-service app stores, virtualization and collaboration

“Over 90 percent of IT professionals we surveyed say their organizations have encountered challenges with mobility adoption, and just as many expect to see major network impacts from use of personal mobile devices, such as increased latency, increased bandwidth requirements and greater requirements for server and storage capacity,” added Bradshaw.  “The benefits that our customers speak of from our legacy mobility services alone are compelling, and the expanded capabilities of Total Mobility Management, including integration of mobile resources with the IT network, can multiply their return on mobility investments.”

“With almost a thousand employees to support, our goals are simplicity, savings, control and peace of mind.  Through CDW, we deployed the AirWatch mobile device management solution and management portal services over a year ago,” said Olaf Foote, IT support services manager at Denver-based, independent oil and gas company Whiting Petroleum Corporation.  “On the expense management and audit side, our solution has more than paid for itself, as we found devices that hadn’t been used in months and have optimized our plans to serve only the capacity we really need.  Just as importantly, now our MDM solution assures us that if a device is stolen or lost – which has happened – its access to our network was well-controlled in the first place, and we can erase the data on it remotely if necessary.  CDW gets mobility, and they helped us get ours under control.”

“The portal services that we employ have produced a 20-25 percent reduction in our mobile expenses, and we right-fit our provisioning quarterly now,” said Steve Zimmer, commodities purchasing manager at Stepan Company, a producer of specialty and intermediate chemicals located in Northfield, Ill.  “Just as importantly, I was spending 60-80 percent of my time just fixing people’s problems with their devices.  That payoff was almost immediate – and I’m back to doing the rest of my job now.”

“Before we implemented the management portal, every support task fell on me and I spent 20-30 hours each week procuring, provisioning and supporting a growing number of smartphones,” said Joel Hoover, senior systems engineer with the RealMed subsidiary of Availty, a Florida-based healthcare information services company.  “Now our employees can get their devices and support directly through the portal.”

“CDW understands that organizations need to integrate mobile IT into a robust infrastructure in order to realize mobility’s full promise,” CDW’s Bradshaw concluded. 

“We are introducing CDW’s expanded Total Mobility Management portfolio to help them lift that load by leveraging our years of experience providing wireless communications and building local and wide area networks, along with our heritage of partnering with the industry’s leaders and innovators.  Plus, our new Mobility Management Portal will enable customers to access most of the services they require easily and in real-time, to simplify their day-to-day operations.”

To learn more about CDW’s mobility solutions offerings, please visit Total Mobility Management at, or contact a CDW account manager.  CDW’s general sales number is 1-800-800-4239.

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