CBORD’s GET transforms mobile student experience

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CBORD, the leading provider of campus card systems to colleges and universities, today announces a major breakthrough in the college student mobile experience. CBORD’s GET platform, used at colleges across the country, is now available as a native smartphone app putting vital student services at their fingertips 24/7. The platform also now supports MICROS order integration, making online and mobile orders a breeze, on campus or off.

GET What You Need with One Mobile Experience

Now available as an app or mobile-optimized website, GET is a centralized, cloud-based commerce platform that allows universities and their patrons to GET more convenience, value, and fun from campus life. Students can manage their campus card accounts, upload ID card photos, find locations accepting the card, learn about special offers, place food orders, and more through a single mobile experience. No juggling multiple apps or bookmarks—GET gives students what they need with one simple interface.

“GET is a complete mobile platform designed to make students’ lives easier,” says Max Steinhardt, CBORD President. “Today’s college students want simple, consistent interactions with their schools and the services they provide. Switching from one app to another to do things like make deposits, upload photos, and place food orders frustrates them and results in lower usage. GET helps students to get done what they need quickly and keep their focus on academic success.”

MICROS Integration Makes Online, Mobile Ordering a No-Brainer

Available only from CBORD, MICROS order integration makes it easier than ever to track and process online and mobile orders. GET orders are processed in the same way Dining administrators track all other MICROS purchases, and they can easily drill down to GET orders for reporting purposes.

“We’ve talked to Campus Dining departments across the country that want to offer online ordering, but they don’t want to track and report on sales separately from the rest of their business,” says Steinhardt. “GET’s MICROS integration removes this barrier. This improvement will have a major positive impact on our customers’ businesses.”

Learn more about GET’s impact on student life at www.ilikeget.com or www.cbord.com.


Every day, nearly 7 million cardholders access the facilities, funds, and services they need thanks to a CBORD solution. Founded in 1975, CBORD is the industry leader in campus card and integrated security solutions that improve student services, enhance security, drive revenue, and reduce costs. Learn more at www.cbord.com.

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