Career Bryn Mawr Prof Named Interim President

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A psychologist who has spent her professional career at Bryn Mawr College has been appointed interim president following last month's surprising resignation of Jane McAuliffe.

Kimberly Wright Cassidy, 49, joined the faculty of the elite women's college in 1993 and was appointed provost in 2007. She has worked on initiatives including the creation of courses, majors, and digital programs.

"I feel my responsibility is to keep that forward momentum going," she said. "We're not in a pause mode. We are going to push forward on a number of different fronts."

Cassidy, who was born in Elverson, Chester County, lives in Merion with her husband and two sons. She studied psychology as an undergraduate at Swarthmore College and earned a master's and doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania.

One project that she's excited about, she said, is Bryn Mawr's new 360-degree program, in which students enroll for a semester in several courses in different disciplines but related to the same topic. At the end they come together for a nontraditional project that might involve travel or community engagement.

Cassidy also helped create the international studies major and environmental studies minor, subjects that reflect students' interests, and blended courses that combine classroom and online learning.

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