CardSmith Launches New Verification and Attendance Application for Android and iOS Devices

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Campus card solutions company CardSmith today announced the release of a new version of its PockeTracker verification and attendance application to run on any Android or iOS device. This 3rd generation application enables customers to read barcode, mag stripe or contactless cards from smartphones and tablets equipped with compatible peripherals. For speed and simplicity, approved verification requests visually return the cardholder’s photograph against a green background; declined requests display against a red background.

Like the original PockeTracker, version 3.0 applies user-defined verification logic against data elements in one or more client hosted ODBC databases. This makes it easy to seamlessly implement PockeTracker side by side with existing systems or applications. In addition, users can toggle between pre-defined event “profiles” from within the application providing multi-purpose flexibility. For example, the application could be used to track attendance at a class in the morning and then be switched to verify eligibility to enter a sporting or cultural event in the afternoon. Graphical reporting is available within the application enabling real-time statistics and business analysis.

“PT 3.0 is the start of the next generation of purpose-built verification solutions from CardSmith,” said Robb Alexander, Product Manager. “It leverages commodity mobile phone and tablet hardware most customers already have, reducing the cost of start-up or expansion. After an initial configuration process, users simply download the application from Google Play or the App Store and are ready to go. The profile toggle feature makes it easy for a single device to track or verify any number of events or locations on-site or on-campus. We are very pleased to build on the tradition of PockeTracker as the industry’s leading mobile verification solution with this upgrade and look forward to releasing additional innovative enhancements later this year.”

CardSmith will debut PockeTracker 3.0 application at the ISC West show in Las Vegas starting April 10th and the NACCU Conference starting April 14th.

The application is available for pre-order now with go live timing in May, an iOS version of the application will launch in June.

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