CampusTours Unveils AnyMap 3.0

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CampusTours has officially released AnyMap 3.0, the latest version of CampusTours’ popular AnyMap interactive map software platform.

CampusTours HTML5 AnyMap 3.0 Examples:
HIGH SCHOOL EXAMPLE: Ransom Everglades School 
COLLEGE EXAMPLE: Nova Southeastern University

CampusTours AnyMap 3.0 features include:

  • HTML5 Interface & Smartphone Module CampusTours HTML5 AnyMap 3.0 features an HTML5 interface for tablets, desktops, laptops and netbooks, and a separate smartphone-optimized HTML5 module for smartphone visitors. HTML5 tours work on iOS™, Android™ and many other devices without the need for an app download.
  • Directions Module CampusTours AnyMap now supports on-map directions, providing detailed directions to visitors coming from out of town as well as those navigating just across campus. All that is required is to define the campus roadways and AnyMap automatically determines the shortest navigable route between any two campus points. Try it out now:
  • Panel View In AnyMap 3.0, CampusTours responded to client feedback and replaced building windows with side-mounted panels that do not obscure the map when they open. Panel View allows visitors to see both the map and the building information simultaneously, and even allows for full map use while a building detail panel remains open.
  • Dynamic State URLs AnyMap 3.0 stores the current map state in the URL, allowing visitors to use familiar browser conventions like the back/forward buttons and bookmarks feature.

“Today it is more important than ever for organizations to have an easy to navigate interactive campus map that showcases their location to visitors” says CampusTours President Chris Carson. “AnyMap 3.0 delivers an HTML5 interface, an increased ability to utilize the map while reviewing map content and a campus directions feature that gives your community quick routes between buildings. Best of all, AnyMap integrates into your organization’s existing Web presence, immediately enhancing the experience for your visitors.”

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