CampusTours Releases HTML5 Service

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Campus Tours Inc.

Auburn, ME [March 7, 2013] - CampusTours Inc. today announced the release of an HTML5 service designed to help organizations deliver compelling guided Web presentations to visitors in multiple languages.

CampusTours HTML5 Service features include:

  • HTML5 Interface CampusTours HTML5 WalkingTour features an HTML5 interface for tablets, desktops, laptops and smartphones. HTML5 tours work on iOS™, Android™ and many other devices without the need for an app download.
  • Video Guides & Coordinated Slideshows Showcasing the institution with video guides allows visitors to sit back and watch, and see what sets the organization apart. Coordinated slideshows visually document the guide’s narrative, bringing the community to life for the visitor.
  • Interactive Tour Route Map The Interactive Tour Route Map gives visitors fast access to all tour locations.
  • Foreign Language Video Guides

CampusTours HTML5 WalkingTour makes it easy to add video guides in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Arabic or any language.

“The new CampusTours HTML5 Service allows organizations to offer visitors a compelling and consistent virtual tour experience on smartphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks and desktops, all without requiring the visitor to download an app or install a plug-in” says CampusTours President Chris Carson. “ is the first virtual tour service to include multi-lingual support from the ground up, complete with international video guides and dynamic foreign language text switching.”

The CampusTours HTML5 Service includes a full content management system allowing customers to make immediate updates to their presentations, as well as lead generation and traffic tracking capabilities.