CampusMD adds 24/7 counseling program to its offering for college students

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CampusMD announced that it is adding Campus Counselor, a 24/7 counseling program, to its nationwide telehealth service that launched in January 2013.  Available either directly to students or through wholesale arrangements with partner colleges and universities, the program will fill a growing need for individuals who need help from homesickness to roommate conflicts to more serious issues and, at the same time, assist schools in the retention of students.

CampusMD already provides college students with 24/7/365 mobile access to U.S.-licensed physicians, the only service of its kind that relies exclusively on physicians to provide care.

"Just as campus medical clinics cannot operate 24/7, neither can schools afford to keep counseling resources up and running around the clock," said Devin Schain , CEO, CampusMD.  "Yet these campus financial realities come at a time when more students than ever are dealing with the challenges that come with sharing small quarters and navigating new social situations."

According to research by the American College Health Association, 86% of college students feel overwhelmed, 51% feel anxious, and 31% are depressed at some point during the academic year.  

Through CampusMD's Campus Counselor program, students or their parents can purchase unlimited access by phone or the Internet to Master's-level counselors who can assist students in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship difficulties, and eating and sleep disorders for $14.95 per month.  As with CampusMD's telehealth service, there are no exclusions, copayments or deductibles, and students do not need health insurance to use the service. Alternatively, institutions can purchase student body coverage on a wholesale basis.

Said Schain: "A professional counseling service can help a student to adjust to college life, and to handle personal and academic challenges when they arise.  This extra support can keep a student on track for success, a result good for families and for colleges and universities."

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