Campus Televideo Releases Results of Fifth Annual Bandwidth and ResNet Services Survey

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Campus Televideo, a leading provider of custom cable TV, ResNet data and other telecommunications services to over 230 colleges and universities nationwide, has released the results of its 2013 Bandwidth and ResNet Services survey.  The report discusses bandwidth and technology related issues, trends and challenges as shared by higher education IT professionals at public and private institutions around the country.

This year’s key findings included:

  • Keeping up with bandwidth demand continues to be a challenge with 70% of schools having increased their bandwidth over the past year and 70% planning to increase in the next year.
  • With 80% of schools reporting an average of two or more peripherals per student, “Bring Your Own Device” policies (BYOD) and On-Boarding procedures are gaining importance with over 40% of schools having already adopted. 
  • Budgets and staffing are not keeping pace with increasing demands on IT departments with 70% of schools indicating they are understaffed. 30% of Private schools reported budget cuts, up from 20% last year, with an equal percent reporting budget increases. Public schools reported budget increases dropped from 30% to 20%, with just less than half unchanged.   
  • Wireless continues to be a top priority, but goals are shifting from coverage to higher performance with 70% of schools planning to upgrade their networks. Similar to landline phones, schools are starting to abandon wired networks with over 20% of privates and 10% of publics having or planning to abandon.

“The biggest trend in all of media today is continued growth in OTT/internet entertainment video, and extending its delivery to wireless devices,” said Brian Benz, CEO of Campus Televideo.  “Given the quick adoption rate of the younger generations on campuses, it’s no surprise to hear that three-quarters of schools reported that video consumed 60 percent or more of their overall network capacity.”

Now in its fifth iteration, this survey was conducted online in January and February of 2013.  Responses were collected from 175 higher education IT professionals across the country (103% private, 72% public).  The company’s data services group led the research, in conjunction with Dynamic Marketing Solutions <> , a higher education marketing firm.

A free copy of the report is available to school faculty and staff by contacting Rick Nixon at 203-983-5400 x119 or <> .

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